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EBESA was founded in San Sebastián in 1950 and at the beginning it was dedicated to sell raw material and machinery to manufacture brushes and paint brushes.

In 1981 it was bought by Mr. PEDRO FORMÁRIZ who went on with the same activity.

In our 30th anniversary we are glad to presents you our new catalogue. We want to thank the collaboration of our workers, customers and suppliers because without them it would have not been possible. During these 30 years many importants facts have happened in the world of bussinnes.

Spain has been introduced in the CE, the € has became the only currency in Europe, China is one of the first countries in the economical world and the financial crisis has beat the international markets.

Director of

Nowadays EBESA IMPORT EXPORT S.L. is in Hernani and in Asteasu (Guipúzcoa), in a surface of 1.500 mt² with a store able to have 1.500 Europalets and it is dedicated to:

To import and sell raw materials to manufacture brushes and paint brushes:
• Nylon, PLP, wires, vegetable fibers...

To import and distribute finished goods:
• Brushes and paint brushes
• Painting tools
• Shaving and toilet brushes
• Cleaning articles

Working as a broker to import and export:
• Ebesa looks abroad for specific goods for Spanish enterprises that want to   import them.
• Ebesa looks for Spanish goods that may be interesting to be imported by   foreign enterprises.


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